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Riverside CID is wonderful example of how a strategic partnership between dynamic public and private sector role-players can lead to a safe and vibrant shopping, entertainment, working, residential and investment destination.

CIDs are defined geographic areas in which property owners and the local municipality join forces to manage the public spaces through the provision of basic and supplementary services that lift and attract investment into an area, thereby ensuring its stability and growth.

Businesses come together to improve the physical and social environment in which their companies operate, by investing in services over and above those provided by the local authority. These usually include additional public safety and security measures, pavement cleaning, landscaping installation and maintenance, litter collection and the upliftment and maintenance of the shared space.

The partnership between Riverside CID and the City of Mbombela is to create a secure, tidy, well-managed environment, ensuring that it is an absolute pleasure to visit and spend time in.

A secure investment, with a long-term vision

With an established track record and continued growth prospects, Riverside CID offers secure investment opportunities – in a renowned, conveniently-located and easily accessible area – backed by a long-term vision.

As a sustainable urban management solution, Riverside CID is set to remain the place where people want to do business, shop, live, work and play – all while the investors profit.

Riverside CID’s property prices have remained high and value for each landowner is unlocked through thoughtful urban design, taking into consideration physical spread and building size and being part of a managed precinct.

Why choose


Riverside CID’s attraction lies in the fact that it is safe, clean and accessible; boasts pristine public spaces; and offers a variety of lifestyle services and products – all in one convenient location.

Riverside prides itself on these four words: grow, develop, excite and unique.

That’s because our continued growth is ensured by the ongoing development that makes the Riverside CID unique. Being unique excites our investors, business owners, tenants, residents and consumers, which is why Riverside CID is their destination of choice to live, work, shop and play!


Five Pillars

Our engagement with the multiple stakeholders revealed five emergent themes packaged as strategic marketing pillars with ‘campaign-able’ interventions.

These pillars are to be read as Riverside’s strategic competitive advantage areas that need to be continually built upon in order to remain valuable to the key audiences from a marketing perspective.

The collaborative development of these key strategic pillars through the placemaking and marketing approach will ensure that positioning is maintained: Overtime • Through partnership Across budgets • Between sectors

Through utilising these place intervention/trigger projects, we test and strengthen partnership networks and offerings as part of the re-invigoration of the Riverside brand DNA and sense of place.


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